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Prainha Beache

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The famous ‘Prainha’ beach is located in an area of environmental protection, next to the Villas of São José.

Complete with brilliant white sands, transparent waters, endless coconut trees, and a small babbling brook... Prainha has been rated as the 4th most beautiful beach in all of Brazil and is often referred to as the 'hidden' or 'lost' beach due to the fact that it's enclosed by the Atlantic rainforest. It really does have an incomparable beauty.

The walk is about 60min each way. You will be guided through lush rainforest pathways, cascades of fresh-water rivers and hundreds of coconut trees. One of them your guide will probably climb up and show you how the natives get their fix of coconut water for the day! You can spend as long as you want on the paradisiacal beach of Prainha. Bring a surf board with you if you can… Prainha has some of the best waves in Itacaré. This excursion can be done as a half day or a full-day. The choice is yours. Note, there is no restaurant at Prainha. Only drinks, hot cheese and fresh fruit is sold! There will be the option to do the canopy tour (arvorismo) on the way back to town, as it's located along the trail.

Transport: Walking (total of 2 hours walking there and back).

Pick-up/Return: 9hrs /14hrs-16hrs (flexible).

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