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Maraú Peninsula (off-road)

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An off-road adventure tour carried out in 4 x 4 vehicles, travelling up the coast of the Peninsula of Maraú.

This newly discovered paradise of Bahia holds several surprises: trails, lookout points, lakes and most importantly (and the reason for us going) the famous natural swimming pools of the beach of Taipú de Fora - complete with coral reefs and some of the best marine life in the region. They really are gigantic aquariums!

To get there you'll be taken on a thrilling ride via precarious roads and trails through an un-touched paradise, with stops along the way; Trail of the Coconut palms, Gigantic Bromeliads, Lighthouse Hill and Cassange Lake. You may also have the opportunity to swim in one of these gorgeous fresh-water lakes along the way (or on the way back).

The week of full moon is the best time to go snorkelling or diving at Taipu. Snorkel equipment can be hired on the beach and has a separate cost (approx R$10 for a mask and snorkel). We generally stay at Taipu beach for a total of 3 to 4 hours. Here you'll have various options for lunch, from plates of exotic seafood to sandwiches and açaí. There's something for everyone!

Transport: Land rover, approx 1 hour drive each way.

Pick-up/Return: 7:30hrs / 17hrs. /p>

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